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Welcome to Elisabeth Waldo’s Music Shop!

Friends, we invite you to experience the "Music of the Spirit" created by Elisabeth Waldo and inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Asia. Discover the wonderment, the impressive sonic experiences, of modern musicians performing on ancient instruments!

The unique musical sequences heard on Elisabeth Waldo’s releases come from the use of pre-Columbian, Latin American, and American Southwest musical instruments. Some of the instruments, from the extensive Waldo Collection, date back 2,000 years and had never been recorded!

pre-Columbian instruments
Elisabeth Waldo recording with tlapitzalli,
Aztec ceremonial double flute,
for GNP Crescendo Records.

After several lengthy tours of the Americas and Asia as a concert violinist, Elisabeth Waldo has made her permanent home at romantic, historic Rancho Cordillera del Norte in Northridge, California. Wooded, natural, and pastoral, it is the ideal setting in which to create meditative music.

Ms. Waldo divides her time between composing, recording, consulting, lecturing, and performing her unique repertoire. Additionally, she is creative director of the non-profit MultiCultural Music and Art Foundation of Northridge (MCMAFN). For additional biographical information on Elisabeth Waldo, click here.

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